Perl data type class for the XML Schema defined complexType ResponsiveSearchAd from the namespace

Represents a responsive search ad. <p><strong>Important</strong></p> <p> <ul> <li>Responsive search ads are in beta and may not be available to all AdWords advertisers.</li> <li>Per the <a href="">AdWords Terms &amp; Conditions</a> for features in beta, you may not disclose any non-public information.</li> <li>Responsive search ads will learn and improve over time, so make sure to regularly monitor the performance and status of your ads.</li> <li>Responsive search ads are currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Danish, and Norwegian, with other languages on the way.</li> <li>Assets can be shown in any order, so make sure that they make sense individually or in combination, and don’t violate our policies or local law.</li> <li>Even after ads are assembled, they may not serve.</li> <li>If you have text that should appear in every ad, then you must pin it to either Headline position 1, Headline position 2, or Description position 1, and also make sure it is less than 80 characters long.</li> </ul> </p> <p>To increase the likelihood that your ad shows, be sure to provide at least 5 distinct headlines and 2 distinct descriptions that don't repeat the same or similar phrases. Providing redundant content will restrict the system's ability to assemble combinations. <a href="">See example ads</a></p> <p>Help center documentation <ul> <li><a href="">About responsive search ads</a></li> <li><a href="">Create a responsive search ad (see examples)</a></li> </ul> </p> <p class="caution"><b>Caution:</b> Responsive search ads do not use {@link #url url}, {@link #displayUrl displayUrl}, {@link #finalAppUrls finalAppUrls}, or {@link #devicePreference devicePreference}; setting these fields on a responsive search ad will cause an error.</p> <span class="constraint AdxEnabled">This is enabled for AdX.</span>


The following properties may be accessed using get_PROPERTY / set_PROPERTY methods:

  • headlines

  • descriptions

  • path1

  • path2



Constructor. The following data structure may be passed to new():


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