App::dupfind::Threaded::ThreadManagement - Thread management logic, abstracted safely away in its own namespace


version 0.172690


Safely tucks away the management of threads and all the threading logic that makes the Map-Reduce feature of App::dupfind possible. Thanks goes out to BrowserUk at who helped me get this code on the right track.

Please don't use this module by itself. It is for internal use only.



The "counter" in App::dupfind::Threaded::ThreadManagment is used to keep track of how many items have been processed by the thread pool. This clear_counter method resets the counter.


The counter itself is a read-only accessor around a thread-shared scalar int


Method that spawns N threads to do work for the map-reducer, where N is the number of threads that the user has specified with the "--threads N" flag.

If the user has requested a progress bar, one more thread is spawned which does nothing but monitor overall progress of the thread pool and update the progress bar.


Deletes a same-size file grouping from the global hashref of same-size file groupings, by key. Thread-safe management of the datastructure is insured.


Ends the global work queue, sets the thread terminate flag to 1, and joins the threads in the pool.


Thread-safe way to increment the global shared counter (scalar int value). The counter is key to the successful execution of all threads, and it is imperative that any code executed by the map-reduce engine properly calls increment_counter for work every item it processes.


R/W accessor whose read value indicates that the thread pool has been initiated when the return value is true.


Read-only accessor to the global shared hashref of "work items", i.e.- the groupings of same-size files which are potential duplicates


The thread-safe way to push a new item or items onto a grouping in the global mapped work-item registry. $obj->push_mapped( key => @items );


Resets all flags, queues, work mappings, and counters.

In turn, it calls:

  • $self->reset_queue

  • $self->clear_counter

  • $self->reset_mapped

  • $self->init_flag( 0 )

  • $self->term_flag( 0 )


Destroys the globally-shared mapping of work items. Takes no arguments.


Creates a new Thread::Queue object, which is then accessible via a call to $self->work_queue. This does not end the previous Thread::Queue object. That is the responsibility of $self->end_wait_thread_pool


R/W accessor method that indicates to threads that they should exit when a true value is returned.


This method is executed by the single helper thread whose sole responsibility is to update the progress bar for the thread pool, if the user has requested a progress bar


Thread-safe shared Thread::Queue object for the current $self object. It can be ended via $self->end_wait_thread_pool and it can thereafter be recreated via $self->reset_queue

The map part of the map-reduce engine pushes work items into this queue.