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wxPerl::Constructors - parameterized constructors


This package provides a mix of named and positional parameters which mirrors the original C++ API, allowing you to omit default values, even if you need to specify arguments which would otherwise follow them.

By applying s/Wx::([^-]*-)/wxPerl::$1-/g (and some editing) to your code:

  use wxPerl::Constructors;

  my $ctrl = wxPerl::TextCtrl->new($self, $label,


Note the mixed positional/named arguments. Required values are positional and must come before key-value pairs.

  my $ctrl = wxPerl::Foo->new($parent, $req_arg, key => $value);

The exception is when there are no arguments. This goes directly to the Wx::Foo->new() call with no intermediate processing.

  my $ctrl = wxPerl::Foo->new();

All constructors also accept a ($parent, \%params) syntax, which may be useful if you are building a data-driven class generator (or just prefer to use named parameters for everything.)

  my $ctrl = wxPerl::Foo->new($parent,
      req_arg => $req_arg,
      key     => $value,

In this mode, you must still provide the required arguments because there are no default values for them (they're, uh... required.)

Advanced usage

The constructors are also (well actually, not yet) available via this longhand form (intended as infrastructure for other packages.)

  my $ctrl = wxPerl::Constructors->new(
    'TextCtrl', $self, $label,

You may inherit from wxPerl::$foo as follows:

  use wxPerl::Constructors;
  use base 'wxPerl::Frame';

CAVEAT: There will probably be no way to deduce that you've accidentally called a wxPerl::foo->new() with the Wx::foo-style positional arguments. Though it might be possible later, for now you have to take care to change the calls.


See wxPerl::Constructors::doc for available classes and details on the argument syntax.


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