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A generic API for stellar catalogues
base class for ASCII-based catalogues.
Starlink Astrom catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog.
base class for binary catalogues.
Input/Output in ARK Cluster format
Catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog for Starlink FINDOFF.
Binary FITS table I/O for Astro::Catalog.
Catalogue reader for GAIA Pick Object files
JCMT catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog
SExtractor output catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog.
STL catalogue I/O for Astro::Catalog
Simple Input/Output format
Standard Tab Separated Table format I/O
Old format used by UKIRT Bright Star catalogues
VOTable Input/Output format
Base class for Astro::Catalog query objects
A query request to the 2MASS Catalog
A query request to the Carlsberg Meridian Catalog
A query request to the GSC Catalog
A query request to the Minor Planet Center's Minor Planet Checker.
A query request to the SIMBAD database
Object name resolution via SIMBAD
Generate SkyCat catalogue query clients
A query request to the SuperCOSMOS catalogue
A query request to the USNO-A2.0 Catalog
A query request to the Vizier catalogs
Information about a star's morphology.
A generic star object in a stellar catalogue.
creates a self-standing sources catalog widget
A base class for REST query modules
A base class for WebService querys