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Changes for version .9

  • Added methods to define the following builtin FilterOnClick methods: BEGINSWITH ENDSWITH CONTAINS VARIANCEPERCENT VARIANCENUMERICAL
  • Added variances to the built in FilterOnClick items. One for numerical variance and one for percentage variance.
  • o Modified the table for full (optional) support of style sheet or bgcolor defined colors for rows.
  • Added orderby creation method, this method is likely to change in future versions so use with caution
  • Added ability to make columns searchable
  • Added filter class option
  • o Modified order by detection
  • o Modified to allow users to pass in an existing where array ref
  • o Modified warnings to be output only when debug is enabled
  • Added code to allow for searching for NULL and NOT NULL rows
  • Added ability to set most options via a configuration file
  • o Extensive documentation changes
  • Increased automation of process
  • o Realigned names of method and arguments for better consistency
  • o Enchanced testing suite
  • Moved error handling to a method and allow for warn or print level debugging based on the debug level. Currently 1 or 2, with 1 = STDERR and 2 = STDOUT


Generate HTML Tables and Forms in conjunction with Class::DBI