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Changes for version .006

  • Improved error/status trapping ($@ can be elusive in Mason)
  • Added default HTML header/footer, and override methods
  • Changed MIME Type guesser from File::Path to Media::Type::Simple
  • Workaround for undef warnings tickled by nested anon components
  • a couple of bin/pillbug args modified for consistency
  • 2010-01-14: .005
    • Make net_server and handler_class methods work as setters
    • Add setters for index filename and default extension
    • Add allowindex option for directory indexes (off by default)
    • Misc cleanup and doc work
  • 2009-11-02: .004
    • Add docroot() method
    • Add arg parsing to pillbug script
    • Fix header issue when redirecting
  • 2009-10-22: .003
    • Update examples
    • Avoid handle_cgi_request entirely, it makes it impossible to reap status
    • CLI wrapper defaults to using hostname() for its server name
  • 2009-10-19: .002
    • Remove unused statement, edit perldoc
  • 2009-10-16: .001 - Hello World


Stand-alone HTML::Mason-enabled server


in lib/Devel/