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Tk::OlWm - Interface to OpenLook properties of toplevel windows.


   use Tk::OlWm;

                        CLOSE  => flag,
                        FOOTER => flag,
                        HEADER => flag, 
                        RESIZE => flag, 
                        PIN => flag, 
                        ICON_NAME => flag, 

   $toplevel->OL_WIN_BUSY( flag );

   $toplevel->OL_PIN_STATE( flag );


A simple perl-only module that adds a few methods to Tk::Wm class. These methods manipulate properties of the $toplevel to communicate with an OpenLook window manager, e.g. Sun's olwm or olvwm.

In the synopsis above flag is a "boolean" value - i.e. an integer with 0 meaning false and other values meaning true.

All the name => flag pairs are optional.


Works for me, it is in 'Contrib' because I cannot support something which has been developed just by dumping properties of Sun applications and guessing.


Nick Ing-Simmons <>