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Acme::BadExample - Perl document, yes. Perl code, no damn way!


One of the key principles behind the PPI perl document parser is that any given piece of Perl source exists in a pseudo-quantum-like state, in that it demonstrates both duality and indeterminism. Bear with me for a second here.

Any string of bytes that we consider to be "Perl" can be treated both a Perl "document", and as Perl "code". When treated as a document, it merely has to "look right", having the normal context and syntax. This means that anything "cleaned" with Acme::Bleach is not a valid Perl "document".

When treated as Perl code, there is no way to absolutely know whether it is valid or not, until you look at it (i.e. until you actually execute it). In fact, because every single perl installation is slightly (or dramatically) different, you can never truly know that something is valid perl code until after its been fully parsed.

Unit test frameworks in most CPAN distributions resolve 99.99% of any problems, but it is theoretically possible that a module will have a time-related issue or some other issue that causes it to fail to load. For example, modules related to DateTime that were somehow accidentally using time values that exists in the non-existant period when daylight savings changes over.

So any string of Perl source can be seen as valid Perl document, as valid Perl code, or both (or neither). Most of the time, thank god, it's both.

Acme::BadExample is intended to serve as an example of a file that is a valid Perl document and follows all the normal Perl syntax, but is most definately not valid perl code. In fact, while it should not be possible to run this on any installation of perl, it will happily be loaded by PPI as a Perl document.


You're kidding right? I tell you what. If you can find some way to make this module run, I shall happily stump up a $100 reward, payable in your choice of American dollars, Australian dollars, or as a vertical metre of beer (cartons). Beer must be picked up in person :)

Write a script capable of loading the file and post it to the CPAN bug tracker at:

Because you can play all sorts of games with source filters (hell, I could write a source filter rewrite script), in order for the reward to be paid, the script must be accompanied by a patch to Acme::BadExample capable of repelling the same exploit.


Adam Kennedy <>,


PPI, PPI::Manual


Copyright 2004 - 2009 Adam Kennedy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.