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Changes for version 1.38_03

  • As of SQLite 3.7.15, SQLite's query optimizer was enhanced and the result order of a SELECT statement without an ORDER BY clause may be different from the one of the previous versions. If your applications or tests mistakenly depend on the arbitrary output order, they may be broken with this enhancement.
  • Updated to SQLite 3.7.17 (ISHIGAKI)
  • Fixed tests that mistakenly made invalid assumptions about the result order (ISHIGAKI)
  • Added a brief note on useful pragmata. (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #85302: type fixes (ISHIGAKI)

Changes for version 1.38_02

  • Updated to SQLite (ISHIGAKI)
  • Removed two obsolete pragma calls at login time (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #80344: Set SQLITE_DISABLE_DIRSYNC on AIX (suggested by Steve Barnsley) (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #81536: primary_key_info returns the wrong KEY_SEQ (VLYON)
  • Resolved #84027: Finalizer() not called in (D. Richard Hipp)
  • Resolved #84372: -Wpointer-sign warnings with utf8_hop (RURBAN)
  • Resolved #84373: Add test for RT #26775 "name)" key with DISTINCT (RURBAN/ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #70815: DBD::SQLite 1.33 build is broken under Solaris using Sun C (RURBAN)
  • Resolved #84380: Fix WINLIKE for mingw/msys (RURBAN)
  • Added a note on DBD::SQLite and File::Temp (suggested by TOKUHIROM) (ISHIGAKI)

Changes for version 1.38_01

  • Resolved #56444: immediate transaction should be on by default, and the doc be updated. If you really need the deferred transaction (which had long been the default), set sqlite_use_immediate_transaction to false explicitly. (ISHIGAKI)
  • Updated to SQLite 3.7.14 (ISHIGAKI)
  • Added support for foreign_key_info (DAMI/ISHIGAKI)
  • Added several methods to retrieve internal information such as table_column_metadata/db_filename/*_status (ISHIGAKI/VOVKASM)
  • Added sqlite_load_extension so that extensions can add functions internally (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #77617: atoll () sometimes just is atol () (GAAS)
  • Resolved #48084: improper "require utf8" in tests (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #77724: bug in primary_key_info with regard to column names containing whitespace (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #79364: variance example of the doc (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #78833: utf8 flag for column names (JAMADAM) (This hopefully resolved #72418 as well)
  • Resolved #64177: ping() wipes out the errstr (ISHIGAKI)
  • Resolved #79576: (patch) bind_param don't work with PADTMP scalars (VOVKASM)
  • Refactored primary_key_info to support attached databases (ISHIGAKI)


The DBD::SQLite Cookbook


Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver


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