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Changes for version 0.04

  • No functional changes, moving to production release
  • Updating to Module::Install::DSL 1.01 (ADAMK)

Changes for version 0.03_02

  • Updating to Module::Install::DSL 1.00 (ADAMK)
  • Updated copyright year (ADAMK)
  • Dramatically reduce the dependency burden, except at release (ADAMK)
  • Convenience access to underlying %STANDARD hash (FREQUENCY)
  • Added various tests for the new modules added in 0.03_01 (FREQUENCY)
  • Fix mistake (pod_coverage_ok -> all_pod_coverage_ok) (FREQUENCY)
  • Remove Test::Fixme, it's too much of a pain to test (FREQUENCY)
  • Now throws exceptions using Carp's croak rather than die (FREQUENCY)

Changes for version 0.03_01

  • Updating Module::Install to 0.91
  • Adds several new modules Test::DistManifest Test::CheckChanges Test::Fixme Test::Pod::Coverage
  • More documentation on everything
  • Add support for RELEASE_TESTING-only modules


Generate best practice release-only tests