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Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson

Changes for version 0.31

  • Fixed a bug pointed out by Leolo where loading gifs
  • skips the first line of the imageload() has been by read() - for now load is an alias for read. It will be removed in the future. Also, fixes dynamic loading on systems that prepend an underscore to symbols. At the present the only system that I know of that needs this is OpenBSD. BUT YOU MUST RECOMPILE ALL OF YOUR OLD MODULES AGAINST THIS BUILD. Added getchannels() method ( How did I manage to delay this untill now ). Some document changes but nothing substantial. Also fixed the png read/write routines to handle all colorspaces and images with alpha information. Also now it's possible to have Imager guess the format of the files to load or save when passing files to read or save from the filename. Also all of the tests except dynamic loading now pass on OS/2.
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  • Imager - Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images