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Author image Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson


Draw primitives to images
Programmable transformation operations
working with image files
Entire Image Filtering Operations
Internal image representation information
Simple transformations of one image into another.
decribes the virtual image interface
documents the register virtual machine used by Imager::transform2().


Perl extension for Generating 24 bit Images
Color handling for Imager.
Rough floating point sample colour handling
implements expression parsing and compilation for the expression evaluation engine used by Imager::transform2()
an assembler for producing code for the Imager register machine
general fill types
Font handling for Imager.
objects representing the bounding box of a string.
low-level functions for FreeType2 text output
low-level functions for Truetype fonts
low-level functions for Type1 fonts
uses Win32 GDI services for text output
simple wrapped text output
a class for building fountain fills suitable for use by the fountain filter.
simple wrapper for matrix construction
generated information about the register based VM
a library of register machine image transformations


in lib/Imager/Expr.pm
in lib/Imager/Expr.pm
in lib/Imager/Font/Image.pm