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Adrian Howard

Changes for version 0.22

  • We now test that the import works (it does :-)
  • Now works with exception classes that override isa
  • Added link to AnnoCPAN
  • Applied patch from Ben Prew to turn the misused TODO tests into proper Test::Builder::Tester tests - thanks Ben
  • Now cannot pass undef as the exception to throws_ok
  • The optional test description for lives_and is now optional :)
  • Can now have empty test description for throws_ok
  • Requires Sub::Uplevel 0.13 - squashing several bugs (thanks to David Golden for fixing Sub::Uplevel, and for reporting the issue - along with Cees Hek & Steve Purkis)
  • Uses Test::Pod::Coverage rather than home grown script
  • Added (optional) Perl::Critic tests
  • Updated Test::Builder::Tester dependency to 1.04
  • Tidied up tests, code and POD a little
  • All developer tests live in t/developer and do not run by default
  • Added example of only using Test::Exception if it's installed (thanks to Rob Muhlestein for suggesting this)
  • Test coverage now at 100% (statement, branch, condition, subroutine & POD) according to Devel::Cover 0.58
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