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Adrian Witas
SQL::DMLGenerator - Data Manipulation Language SQL generator.
SQL::Entity - Entity sql abstraction layer.
SQL::Entity::Column - Entity column abstraction.
SQL::Entity::Column::LOB - Entity LOBs column abstraction.
SQL::Entity::Condition - Entity SQL Condition abstraction.
SQL::Entity::Index - Entity index abstraction.
SQL::Entity::Relationship - Entities Relationship abstraction layer.
SQL::Entity::Table - Database table abstraction
SQL::Query - Sql query generator for database entities.
SQL::Query::Limit::MySQL - LIMIT emulation for MySQL database.
SQL::Query::Limit::Oracle - LIMIT emulation for Oracle database.
SQL::Query::Limit::PostgreSQL - LIMIT emulation for PostgreSQL database.
Changes for version 0.05
    • Fix MYSQL limit bug
    • Abstracted dml generation to separated module, so that is can be easily customize (for isntanvr by SQL::Abstract)

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