Changes for version 0.01_06 - 2003-03-17

  • improved error handling of NNTP functions
  • comprehensive NNTP logging has been added
  • a significant bug with NNTP processing has been fixed; this would cause channel 'cpan upload' informs to take systematically longer to actually post
  • Bot::BasicBot has been patched too extensively to maintain it as a dependency, not to mention the further patching it needs, therefore it has been bundled, and will eventually be further integrated, and perhaps rewritten
  • logging format further improved; entries are now timestamped, communications to the bot are wrapped in => <='s, and we no longer log channel chatter, unless we were specifically addressed or if debugging is enabled
  • fixed several bugs that would generate uninitialized value errors
  • fixed a minor issue with _get_details in which it was not reporting that a module was invalid
  • doubled the number of tests
  • made further improvements to the POD
  • added 'debug' option to the constructor. if this is enabled you will get *extremely* verbose debugging output
  • added 'policy' option to the constructor (see POD)
  • added 'search_max_results' to the constructor
  • added 'rt' command - gets url of a dist's request tracker page
  • added 'whois' command - gets a name/email from a CPAN ID
  • added 'search' command - returns modules that match a regex
  • added 'readme' command - returns README for a module via DCC CHAT

Changes for version 0.01_05 - 2003-03-13

  • new patches for both POE::Component::IRC, and Bot::BasicBot are included. you'll need to reinstall both distributions from scratch, and re-patch both with the new patches
  • if the patches are not correctly installed the bot will refuse to run
  • fixed another issue with Bot::BasicBot, this time with addressing
  • improvements to the POD
  • author is now case insensitive for modules and distributions
  • Bot::CPAN is now attributed in 'help'
  • fixed issue where ignore_list wasn't being respected
  • the logging format has been dramatically improved
  • _reload_indices is now forked off so it doesn't block the bot
  • added some real tests, but need much more
  • special thanks to Spoon@#cpan@magnet for pointing out some of the anomalies that are fixed in this version, and for beta testing

Changes for version 0.01_04 - 2003-03-12

  • bug fix for 'help'
  • all incoming commands are now case insensitive

Changes for version 0.01_03 - 2003-03-12

  • generated new Bot::BasicBot patch; fixes more issues
  • pervase improvements to the internal architecture; deep magic can be found in, which may eventually be spun off as an independant bot development framework
  • help system fully implemented
  • we now uses notices instead of privmsg's to return data
  • 'recent' command added
  • we now support fully integrated attribute handlers
  • more information has been added to the POD and README
  • many thanks to gilc@#perl@magnet for beta testing

Changes for version 0.01_02 - 2003-03-10

  • our blocking problems are now resolved, thanks to dngor

Changes for version 0.01_01 - 2003-03-09

  • initial developer release


provides CPAN services via IRC
simple irc bot baseclass


in lib/Bot/CPAN/