Changes for version 1.16 - 2003-02-25

  • abstract now matches PAUSE meta-data for this distribution
  • better POD documentation
  • header pass-through for X-Reported-Via, via via() -- this is useful for third-party distributions, like CPANPLUS, that use Test::Reporter
  • added 'debug' get/set method -- this is extremely verbose and primarily of use for debugging Test::Reporter itself
  • added 'address' get/set method -- specifies the e-mail address that the reports should be sent to -- you shouldn't need this unless the CPAN Tester's change the e-mail address to send report's to
  • added 'from' get/set method -- specifies the e-mail address of the individual doing the reporting -- you generally shouldn't need this as Test::Reporter tries very hard to guess your e-mail address automatically
  • added 'mx' get/set method -- specifies the MX's for -- you really shouldn't need to use this unless the hardcoded MX's have become wrong and you don't have Net::DNS installed
  • the constructor now takes named parameters
  • we now use Net::DNS to get MX's if Net::DNS is available
  • we now use Net::Domain to better auto-guess the reporter's email address
  • we now use Mail::Send to send reports, if it's available
  • now cycles through all available MX servers, when using Net::SMTP
  • added bin/cpantest
    • T::R now allows testers to edit the report interactively via the
    • edit_comments() method
  • T::R report's have been made less susceptible to being marked as spam
  • "can't call method "mail" on an undefined value" bug fixed
  • doubled the number of tests
  • memoized certain methods
  • bundling Date::Format and Time::Zone to assist in SMTP sends (for 'Date')
  • bundling an updated Mail::Util


Report test results of a package retrieved from CPAN


sends test results to
Date formating subroutines
mail utility functions
miscellaneous timezone manipulations routines


in lib/Test/Reporter/Date/