Yichun Zhang (章亦春)

Changes for version 0.18

  • feature: added new section "--- no_error_log" which could be used to specify patterns of lines that do not appear in error.log at all.
  • feature: added MOCKEAGAIN_VERBOSE, DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES, MOCKEAGAIN_WRITE_TIMEOUT_PATTERN, and LD_PRELOAD to the environments that should be kept through nginx reload and restart.
  • doc: added Naxsi and ngx_rds_csv to the user module list in the POD documentation.
  • feature: now we can use the environment TEST_NGINX_USE_VALGRIND to specify the valgrind command-line options, when set to 1 or other non-zero numbers, it is effectively equivalent to the value "--tool=memcheck --leak-check=full". To use Valgrind SGCheck to run the tests, just specify the environment TEST_NGINX_USE_VALGRIND="--tool=exp-sgcheck" first.
  • feature: added support for environment TEST_NGINX_VERBOSE.
  • feature: added support for environment TEST_NGINX_USE_HUP.
  • feature: added support for the TEST_NGINX_POSTPONE_OUTPUT environment.
  • feature: now we'll retry sending the QUIT signal for at most 5 times when the nginx process is refusing to quit. after 5 trials, KILL signal will be sent.
  • feature: exposes the "master_off" API which turns off the nginx master process.
  • feature: added new section "--- ignore_response" to test bad responses.
  • bugfix: Test::Nginx::Socket will retry 10 times if fail to connect because nginx with valgrind can be very slow to start in some systems.
  • feature: added new section name "--- error_log" to test error lines. requested by Piotr Sikora in the last year or so.
  • feature: added the TEST_NGINX_EVENT_TYPE environment to specify an event API type (like "epoll" or "select") when running the test suite.
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