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Ryo Anazawa
Blosxom::Plugin - Base class of Blosxom plugins
Blosxom::Plugin::Request - Object represents CGI request
Blosxom::Plugin::Response - Object represents CGI response
Blosxom::Plugin::Util - Utility class for Blosxom plugins
Changes for version 0.00002
    • Add load_plugin(), load_plugins() and add_method(). load_plugin() calls begin() method of each plugin
    • Add Blosxom::Plugin::Response, Request and Util. Blosxom::Plugin loads them when loaded
    • A namespace Blosxom::Plugin::* will be open to those who want to register Blosxom metaplugins, though I'm not sure about what a metaplugin is :-) At least, metaplugins will abstract routines from ordinary plugins

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