Mail::DomainKeys - A perl implementation of DomainKeys



Please move on to DKIM like a responsible Internet user. I have.

I will leave this module here on CPAN for a while, just in case someone has grown to depend on it. It is apparent that DK will not be the way of the future. Thus, it is time to put this module to ground before it causes any further harm.

Thanks for your support, Anthony


Mail::DomainKeys is a perl implementation of Yahoo's mail signature protocol.

This library allows one to sign and verify signatures as per draft 03 of the DomainKeys specification:

A Simple Example

This example shows the simplest possible DomainKeys signature verifier.

  require Mail::DomainKeys::Message;

  # load a message from a filehandle glob
  my $mail = load Mail::DomainKeys::Message(File => \*STDIN) or
    die "unable to load message\n";

  # check to make sure the sender has a fully qualified domain    
  $mail->senderdomain or
    die "unable to verify message: no sender domain\n";  

  # check if the mail is signed by DomainKeys
  $mail->signed or
    die "no signature\n";

  # check the signature  
  if ($mail->verify) {
    print STDERR "signature valid\n";
    exit 0;

  # the signature was not valid
  die "unable to verify signature\n";

This example shows the simplest possible DomainKeys signer.

  require Mail::DomainKeys::Message;
  require Mail::DomainKeys::Key::Private;

  # load the message, or die trying
  my $mail = load Mail::DomainKeys::Message(File => \*STDIN) or
    die "unable to load message";

  # load the private key, or die trying
  my $priv = load Mail::DomainKeys::Key::Private(File => "private.key") or
    die "unable to load key";

  # sign the message using the "simple" canonifier and selector "test"  
  $mail->sign(Method => "simple", Selector => "test", Private => $priv);

  # print out the signature
  print $mail->signature->as_string;




Copyright (c) 2005, Anthony D. Urso. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


The latest version of Mail::DomainKeys will be available on CPAN and at:

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