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Parrot's configuration script
Parrot under Cygwin
Parrot under Windows
Readme file for PIRC compiler.
Parrot FAQ for compiler writers in PIR
Parrot Configuration System
Debugging Parrot
The Parrot Debugger
Byteorder Conversion Functions
C function decoration guidelines
Debugging Parrot with Microsoft Visual C++
Design Notes for Events
Infant Mortality
Parrot JIT (i386/gcc)
Long option parsing
About the IMCC optimizer
Notes on the PARROT_EXPORT macro
Parrot Calling Conventions in C
Freeze/Thaw Design Notes
Parrot embedding system
Parrot extension system
Parrot FAQ
Parrot Developer FAQ
Parrot Glossary
The Parrot Primer
Parrot JIT Subsystem
Memory Internals
Multimethod dispatch for binary opcode functions
Parrot Native Object Execution Subsystem
PGE operator precedence table and parser
A Parrot Overview
The Parrot Bytecode (PBC) Format
Parrot Release History
A Guide to Using an Operator Parsing Table in PGE-based grammars.
Accessing C Structs from Parrot
Parrot Subroutines
PMC definition to C compiler
Parrot Subsystem Porting Introduction
Parrot Release and Support Policy
Model Users For Parrot Design Decisions
Parrot Component/Interface Stability Classification
Parrot Submission Instructions
Testing Parrot
Parrot Vtables
Productivity Comes in Pretty Colors
Parrot Bug Reporter


use Parrot from Perl 5
access a Parrot interpreter from Perl 5
access a Parrot PMC from Perl 5


in compilers/ncigen/lib/Parrot/Test/