Changes for version 1.10 - 2022-08-07

  • [change] Rename truncate_to_x methods to restart_x
  • [feature] Cascade DESTROY from Core
  • [feature] Implement Venus::Mixin to mix-in routines
  • [feature] Venus::{Json,Yaml} engine override via ENV VAR
  • [feature] Allow Venus::Meta to return configurations
  • [feature] Allow attr override (prevent accessor install)
  • [feature] Implement Venus::Error#{is,as} for better classification
  • [feature] Implement Venus::Match#test
  • [feature] Implement Venus::{Array,Hash}#call
  • [update] Allow Meta to return local-only attrs, bases, roles, and subs
  • [update] Improve Venus::Space algorithms, add additional methods
  • [update] Add missing documentation in Venus::Date, Venus::String
  • [update] Update Venus::Core to better handle non-hashref based objects
  • [update] Update criteria on require of classes and roles


OO Library
Args Class
Array Class
Boolean Class
Box Class
Class Builder
Code Class
Core Base Class
Class Base Class
Mixin Base Class
Role Base Class
Data Class
Date Class
Error Class
Float Class
Hash Class
Json Class
Kind Base Class
Utility Base Class
Value Base Class
Match Class
Class Metadata
Mixin Builder
Name Class
Number Class
Opts Class
Path Class
Process Class
Regexp Class
Replace Class
Role Builder
Accessible Role
Boxable Role
Buildable Role
Catchable Role
Coercible Role
Comparable Role
Digestable Role
Doable Role
Dumpable Role
Explainable Role
Mappable Role
Matchable Role
Pluggable Role
Printable Role
Proxyable Role
Stashable Role
Testable Role
Throwable Role
Tryable Role
Valuable Role
Scalar Class
Search Class
Space Class
String Class
Template Class
Test Automation
Throw Class
Try Class
Type Class
Undef Class
Vars Class
Yaml Class