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Karim A. Nassar
activator.pl - setup and manage services with an Activator project.
Activator::Config - provides a merged configuration to a script combining command line options, environment variables, and configuration files.
Activator::DB - Wrap DBI with convenience subroutines and consistant access accross all programs in a project.
Activator::Emailer - Send emails from anywhere within a project in the same way using role-based configuration.
Activator::Log - provide a simple wrapper for Log::Log4perl for use within an Activator project.
Activator::Pager - Object to assist in implementing pagination interfaces
Activator::Registry - provide a registry based on YAML file(s)
Catalyst::Plugin::Activator::Config - Load realm specific application configuration files using Activator::Config
Catalyst::Plugin::SecureCookies - Tamper-resistant, encrypted HTTP Cookies
Activator::Exception in lib/Activator/Exception.pm
Catalyst::Plugin::Activator::Exception in lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Activator/Exception.pm

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