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Torsten Raudssus
Adam - The patriarch of IRC Bots
Adam::Logger::API - API Role for the Adam logger
Adam::Logger::Default - Default logger for Adam bots
Adam::Plugin - A base class for Adam/Moses plugins
Moses - A framework for building IRC bots quickly and easily.
Moses::Plugin - Sugar for Moses Plugins
oses - A shortcut in the fashion of oose.pm
Moses::Declare in lib/Moses/Declare.pm
Moses::Declare::Syntax::BotKeyword in lib/Moses/Declare/Syntax/BotKeyword.pm
Moses::Declare::Syntax::EventKeyword in lib/Moses/Declare/Syntax/EventKeyword.pm
Moses::Declare::Syntax::PluginKeyword in lib/Moses/Declare/Syntax/PluginKeyword.pm
Changes for version 0.91
    • Added missing requirement
    • Plugin event registration was broken by the previous release. Fixed.

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