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Dave Rolsky
Alzabo::Design - Documentation on Alzabo's design
Alzabo::FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Alzabo::Intro - Introductory information about Alzabo
Alzabo::MySQL - Alzabo and MySQL
Alzabo::PostgreSQL - Alzabo and PostgreSQL
Alzabo::QuickRef - A quick reference to methods in the Alzabo classes
Alzabo - A data modelling tool and RDBMS-OO mapper
Alzabo::BackCompat - Convert old data structures
Alzabo::ChangeTracker - Saves a set of changes as callbacks that can be backed out if needed
Alzabo::Column - Column objects
Alzabo::ColumnDefinition - Holds the type attribute for a column
Alzabo::Create - Loads all Alzabo::Create::* classes
Alzabo::Create::Column - Column objects for use in schema creation
Alzabo::Create::ColumnDefinition - Column definition object for schema creation
Alzabo::Create::ForeignKey - Foreign key objects for schema creation.
Alzabo::Create::Index - Index objects for schema creation
Alzabo::Create::Schema - Schema objects for schema creation
Alzabo::Create::Table - Table objects for schema creation
Alzabo::Debug - Creates constants used to turn on debugging
Alzabo::Driver - Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers
Alzabo::Driver::MySQL - MySQL specific Alzabo driver subclass
Alzabo::Driver::PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL specific Alzabo driver subclass
Alzabo::Exceptions - Creates all exception subclasses used in Alzabo.
Alzabo::ForeignKey - Foreign key (relation) objects
Alzabo::Index - Index objects
Alzabo::MethodMaker - Auto-generate useful methods based on an existing schema
Alzabo::RDBMSRules - Base class for Alzabo RDBMS rulesets
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::MySQL - MySQL specific database rules.
Alzabo::RDBMSRules::PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL specific database rules
Alzabo::Runtime - Loads all Alzabo::Runtime::* classes
Alzabo::Runtime::Column - Column objects
Alzabo::Runtime::ColumnDefinition - Column definition objects
Alzabo::Runtime::Cursor - Base class for Alzabo cursors
Alzabo::Runtime::ForeignKey - Foreign key objects
Alzabo::Runtime::Index - Index objects
Alzabo::Runtime::InsertHandle - A handle representing an insert
Alzabo::Runtime::JoinCursor - Cursor that returns arrays of Alzabo::Runtime::Row objects
Alzabo::Runtime::Row - Row objects
Alzabo::Runtime::RowCursor - Cursor that returns Alzabo::Runtime::Row objects
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Deleted - Row objects that have been deleted
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::InCache - Cached row objects that represent actual database rows
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Live - Row objects representing rows in the database
Alzabo::Runtime::RowState::Potential - Row objects that are not in the database
Alzabo::Runtime::Schema - Schema objects
Alzabo::Runtime::Table - Table objects
Alzabo::Runtime::UniqueRowCache - Implements a row cache for Alzabo
Alzabo::SQLMaker - Alzabo base class for RDBMS drivers
Alzabo::SQLMaker::MySQL - Alzabo SQL making class for MySQL
Alzabo::SQLMaker::PostgreSQL - Alzabo SQL making class for PostgreSQL
Alzabo::Schema - Schema objects
Alzabo::Table - Table objects
Alzabo::Utils - Utility functions for other Alzabo modules
Alzabo::Docs in lib/Alzabo/MethodMaker.pm
Alzabo::DocumentationContainer in lib/Alzabo/MethodMaker.pm
Alzabo::DriverStatement in lib/Alzabo/Driver.pm
Alzabo::Exception in lib/Alzabo/Exceptions.pm
Alzabo::Exception::Driver in lib/Alzabo/Exceptions.pm
Alzabo::MethodDocs in lib/Alzabo/MethodMaker.pm
Alzabo::SQLMaker::Function in lib/Alzabo/SQLMaker.pm
Changes for version 0.92
    • BUG FIXES:
    • Reverse engineering with MySQL broke when the tables were returned _without_ the schema name.
    • Enable subselects for MySQL, though there's still no good API for subselects.
    • Pass any unknown command line options through to Module::Build, for example things like "--install-base". Reported by Lars Dieckow. RT Ticket #28410.
    • Fix a possible bug in Alzabo::Config::available_schemas. Reported by Otto Hirr. RT Ticket #28312

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