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Michael Schout
App::Milter::Limit - Sendmail Milter that limits message rate by sender
App::Milter::Limit::Config - Milter Limit configuration object
App::Milter::Limit::Log - logging functions for App::Milter::Limit
App::Milter::Limit::PidFile - Milter Limit Pid file class
App::Milter::Limit::Plugin - Milter Limit driver plugin base class
App::Milter::Limit::Util - utility functions for App::Milter::Limit
Changes for version 0.52
    • add systemd init script for fedora/RHEL7 [Javier Wilson]
    • add 'reply' global configuration to change the milter response from SMFIS_REJECT to SMFIS_TEMPFAIL if desired
    • replace broken File::Pid dependency with Proc::PID::File
    • fix freebsd init script for FreeBSD 10

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