Changes for version 0.50

  • [doc] pmchkver: Add more description and mention Module::CheckVersion.
  • [Bugfix] pmchkver: Return 'latest' instead of empty 'name' when not detail.


  • pmbin - Given an installed Perl module, list scripts that come with its distribution
  • pmcat - Print Perl module source codes
  • pmchkver - Check locale module's version against version on CPAN
  • pmcore - Check if Perl module is in core
  • pmcost - Load Perl module with Devel::EndStats
  • pmdoc - Show documentation of Perl module
  • pmedit - Launch editor for Perl module source code
  • pminfo - Get Perl module information
  • pmless - Show Perl module source code with `less`
  • pmlines - Count number of {code,POD} lines in a Perl module
  • pmlist - List Perl modules (and PODs, and module prefixes)
  • pmman - Show manpage of Perl module
  • pmpath - Get path to locally installed Perl module
  • pmstripper - Strip Perl module source codes using Perl::Stripper
  • pmuninst - Uninstall an installed Perl module (using cpanm --uninstall)
  • pmversion - Get Perl module version
  • pmxs - Check whether an installed Perl module is XS/pure-perl
  • podpath - Get path to locally installed POD


  • App::PMUtils - Command-line utilities related to Perl modules