Changes for version 0.9994

  • Reduced minimum required MySQL engine from 5.1.0 to 5.0.0. Thanks to @dgc-wh for testing it (Issue #251).
  • Fixed floating-point rounding issue with SQLite registry versions on Perls with 16-byte doubles. Thanks to H. Merijn Brand for the report and testing.
  • Fixed an error when adding an engine with the `engine` command. Thanks to Victor Mours for the report and fix!
  • Updated the Oracle engine to support Oracle Wallet connection strings, where no username or host is in the connection URI. Thanks to Timothy Procter for the patch!
  • Improved the installer's selection of the prefix in which to install `etc` files to better match the `--installdirs` option, which defaults to the "site" directories. Thanks to @carragom for the pull request (#265).
  • Added missing dash to `-engine` in sample calls to `sqitch init` in the tutorials. Thanks to Andrew Dunstan for the spot (Issue #268).
  • Fixed broken Vertica documentation links.
  • Attempting to revert a database with no associated registry no longer reports the registry as version 0, but correctly reports that no registry can be found. Thanks to Arnaldo Piccinelli for the spot (Issue #271).
  • Fixed the search for change IDs in engines to match the search for changes. Specifically, change ID seaerch now properly handles the offset characters `~` and `^`. This bug mainly affected the `verify` command, but it's good to address the inconsistency, done mainly by adding the `find_change_id` and `change_id_offset_from_id` methods to complement the `find_change` and `change_offset_from_id` methods. Thanks to Andrew Dunstan for the spot (Issue #272).
  • Fixed the `flips` table example in the MySQL tutorial. It was inappropriately copied from the PostgreSQL tutorial at some point. Thanks to Jeff Carpenter for the spot (Issue #254)!
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