Changes for version 0.999

  • Improved MySQL missing table error detection by relying on error codes instead of matching a (possibly localized) error string.
  • Made the registry upgrade more transparent when deploying. Sqitch is now is a little more vigilent in checking for things being out-of-date and updating them.
  • Fixed an issue where the `status` command would return an error when run against a an older version of the registry.
  • Fixed a Postgres test failure when DBD::Pg is installed but psql is not in the path.
  • Now require Config::GitLike 1.15 to build on Windows in order to avoid test failures when Cwd::abs_path dies on non-existant paths.
  • Clarified the behavior of each `deploy` reversion mode with regard to deploy script vs. verify script failures, and with the expectation that deploy scripts are atomic.
  • Target passwords can now be set via a single environment variable, `$SQITCH_PASSWORD`. Its value will override URI-specified password.
  • Added the sqitch-passwords and sqitch-environment guides.