Changes for version 0.9992

  • On PostgreSQL, Sqitch now sets the `client_encoding` parameter to `UTF8` for its own connection to the database. This ensures that data sent to and from the databse should always be properly encoded and decoded. Users should still set the proper encodings for change scripts as appropriate.
  • Fixed test failures due to path differences on Windows.
  • DateTime::TimeZone is now explicitly required in an attempt to head off "Cannot determine local time zone" errors.
  • Corrected some typos and thinkos in `sqitchtutorial-oracle`, thanks to George Hartzell.
  • Improved the script to upgrade an Oracle registry to v1.0 to support versions prior to Oracle 12, thanks to Timothy Procter.
  • Added missing closing parenthesis to the "Nothing to deploy" message. Thanks to George Hartzell for the pull request (Issue #226).
  • Replaced the unique constraint on the `script_hash` column in the `changes` registry table with a unique constraint on `project` and `script_hash`. This is to allow a deploy script to be used in more than one project in a single database. This change increments the registry version to v1.1. Thanks to Timothy Procter for the report.
  • Updated the registry check constraints to have consistent names on the engines that support them. This will make it easier to modify the constraints in the future.
  • Fixed precision issues with the registry version on MySQL and Firebird.
  • Added comment to sqitch-passwords guide that MySQL::Config is required to read passwords from the MySQL configuration files. Thanks to Sterling Hanenkamp for the patch!