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unliner - Untangle your unix pipeline one-liners
App::Unliner - Untangle your unix pipeline one-liners
App::Unliner::Grammar in lib/App/Unliner/Grammar.pm
App::Unliner::Grammar::PostProc in lib/App/Unliner/Grammar/PostProc.pm
App::Unliner::Intro in lib/App/Unliner/Intro.pm
App::Unliner::Language in lib/App/Unliner/Language.pm
App::Unliner::Language::Exec in lib/App/Unliner/Language/Exec.pm
App::Unliner::Language::Perl in lib/App/Unliner/Language/Perl.pm
App::Unliner::Language::Python in lib/App/Unliner/Language/Python.pm
App::Unliner::Language::Shell in lib/App/Unliner/Language/Shell.pm
App::Unliner::Program in lib/App/Unliner/Program.pm
App::Unliner::Program::Compiled in lib/App/Unliner/Program/Compiled.pm
App::Unliner::Util in lib/App/Unliner/Util.pm
Changes for version 0.011
  • Add shuffler.unliner example to examples/ directory
  • Docs
  • Improve output of tests when they fail
  • In tests, support echo binaries that don't know about -n
    • (ie solaris/mac os)
  • Only leave around temp directory if UNLINER_DEBUG >= 2
  • Pipeline optimisation: spurious cat removals

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