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Archer - yet another deployment tool
Archer::Plugin::Exec - run the command in ...
Archer::Plugin::Exec::Local - run the command in local machine.
Archer::Plugin::Flock - do not run two process in the same time.
Archer::Plugin::MySQLDiff::Sledge - show the MySQL Diff, with sledge's configuration class.
Archer::Plugin::Rsync - execute Rsync.
Archer::Shell - display shell prompt for remote servers.
Archer::ConfigLoader in lib/Archer/ConfigLoader.pm
Archer::Parallel::ForkManager in lib/Archer/Parallel/ForkManager.pm
Archer::Plugin in lib/Archer/Plugin.pm
Archer::Plugin::SVN in lib/Archer/Plugin/SVN.pm
Changes for version 0.17
    • update Changes to satisfy CPAN::Changes::Spec

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