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Toby Inkster
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Ask - ask your users about stuff
Ask::API - an API to ask users things
Ask::Callback - interact with yourself via callbacks
Ask::Fallback - backend for unattended scripts
Ask::Functions - guts behind Ask's exported functions
Ask::Gtk - interact with a user via a Gtk GUI
Ask::STDIO - use STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR to interact with a user
Ask::Tk - interact with a user via a GUI
Ask::Wx - interact with a user via a WxWidgets GUI
Ask::Zenity - use < /usr/bin/zenity > to interact with a user
AskX::AutoLang - automatically supply a "lang" argument to all method calls
Changes for version 0.007
    • (Addition) AskX::AutoLang.
    • (Bugfix Update) Bumped Moo version requirement to 1.000006. Fixes GH#1 ++$JBERGER
    • Add a 'lang' option; use Lingua::Boolean::Tiny to process it. ++$DAXIM
    • Use POSIX.pm to switch off terminal echo instead of Term::ReadKey. ++$HAARG

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