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WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Record - Book Record class for WWW::Scraper::ISBN module.


This distribution will be deprecated in the near future. The module within is to be merged into the main WWW-Scraper-ISBN distribution.


used from within WWW::Scraper::ISBN. No need to invoke directly. But if you want to:

    use WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Record;
    $record = WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Record->new();

It is usually best to let an instantiation of WWW::Scraper::ISBN create it and search for it. This class does not know how to search on its own.

    print $record->isbn;

    if ($record->found) {
            print $record->found_in;
    } else {
            print "not found";

    $book = $record->book;
    print $book->{'title'};
    print $book->{'author'};
    # etc.

    if ($record->error) { print $record->error(); }


The WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Record module defines a class that can be used to deal with book information. It was primarily created as a return type for the WWW::Scraper::ISBN module, though it could be used for other purposes. It knows minimal information about itself, whether the book was found, where it was found, its ISBN number, and whether any errors occurred. It is usually up to the WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Driver and its subclasses to make sure that the fields get set correctly.



Class Constructor. Usually invoked by WWW::Scraper::ISBN->search(). Takes no parameters, creates an object with the default values:

    isbn = undef;
    found = 0;
    found_in = undef;
    book = undef;
    error = "";
isbn() or isbn($isbn_number)
    print $record->isbn; # returns the ISBN number string
    $record->isbn("123456789X"); # set the ISBN 

Accessor/Mutator method for handling the ISBN associated with this record.

found() or found($bool)
    if ($record->found) { # ... }

Accessor/Mutator method for handling the search status of this record. This is 0 by default, and should only be set to true if the Record object contains the desired information, as retrieved by WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Record->book().

found_in() or found_in($DRIVER_NAME)
    print $record->found_in;

Accessor/Mutator method for handling the WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Driver subclass that first successfully retrieved the desired record. Please note that this may depend upon the order in which the drivers are invoked, as set by WWW::Scraper::ISBN->drivers(). Returns the driver name of the successful driver, e.g. "LOC" if found by WWW::Scraper::ISBN::LOC_Driver->search().

book() or book($hashref)
    my $book = $record->book;
    print $book->{'title'};
    print $book->{'author'};
    $another_book = { 
       'title'  => "Some book title",
       'author' => "Author of some book"
    $record->book( $another_book );

Accessor/Mutator method for handling the book information retrieved by the driver. Set to a hashref by the driver, returns a hashref when invoked alone. The resulting hash should contain the standard fields as specified by WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Driver, and possibly additional fields based on the driver used.

error() or error($error_string)
    print $record->error;
    $record->error("Invalid ISBN number, or some similar error.");

Accessor/Mutator method for handling any errors which occur during the search. The search drivers may add errors to record fields, which may be useful in gleaning information about failed searches.




  2004-2013 Andy Schamp, E<lt>andy@schamp.netE<gt>
  2013-2014 Barbie, E<lt>barbie@cpan.orgE<gt>


  Copyright 2004-2013 by Andy Schamp
  Copyright 2013-2014 by Barbie

  This distribution is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
  modify it under the Artistic Licence v2.