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Changes for version 0.69

  • fixed typo in pjx_chained.pl Updated MANIFEST/Changes for release 0.684
  • Added support for spans
  • Added callback methods in javascript: pjx.prototype.pjxInitialized and pjx.prototype.pjxCompleted These methods are called before and after, respectively, any xmlhttp request. It was much more responsive this way rather than providing a hook into each readyState, especially since there is not uniform support for the various readyStates in the common browsers.
  • Changed the pjx_loading.pl script to use the above callbacks, and documented it.
  • Switched from prototype to javascript object notation. This is cosmetic, and only changes the way the code looks, not the way it functions.
  • Added the ability to change the encoding that CGI::Ajax uses on input elements. The default is encodeURIComponent, but this can be set to encode, etc., like so...
  • $pjx->js_encode_function('escape');
  • ...where 'escape' can be any of ('escape','encodeURI','encodeURIComponent') or a programmer-defined javascript function.
  • altered MANIFEST to add two new scripts scripts/pjx_change_encoding.pl scripts/pjx_change_headers.pl
  • Rearranged Class::Accessor initialization.
  • Fixed select problem mentioned on forums, and changed pjx_formDump.pl as a test for that fix.
  • updated to 0.69


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