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Changes for version 1.01

  • Change: 1b0e7ce5da24bcfe58c90f5a1552dfb2ef14321e Author: Markus Benning <> Date : 2016-05-29 18:00:35 +0000
    • Multiprotocol support, Caching, Connection Pools
  • Change: b8cbb99f2e47ca867e527ffba08c02d8a6fd5ca3 Author: Markus Benning <> Date : 2016-04-12 21:21:11 +0000
    • Multiprotocol support, Connection Pooling, small fixes
    • This adds the following features to kokolores:
    • added pre and post request call for plugins
    • added support for plugins to register connection handles
    • seperate sql connection code from SqlRetrieve to SqlConnection
    • seperated protocol code from request/response objects
    • added support for dovecot auth protocol
    • FailDelay plugin
  • Change: 708ee0a6c86fb9304de4201077cf1c9ae483ea61 Author: Markus Benning <> Date : 2016-03-30 15:35:06 +0000
    • add support for pid_file


an alternative saslauthd


an alternative saslauthd
configuration for Auth::Kokolores
connection cache to hold connection handles
base class for kokolores plugins
a memcached based cache for kokolores
kokolores plugin for checking passwords
kokolores plugin for debugging
example for a kokolores plugin
kokolores plugin which add a delay on failed authentication
kokolores plugin for retrieving users from a file
kokolores plugin to configure a memcached connection
kokolores plugin to configure a SQL connection
kokolores plugin for retrieving users from SQL databases
class for handling kokolores plugins
base class for implementing a kokolores protocol handler
saslauthd protocol implementation for kokolores
dovecot auth protocol implementation for kokolores
saslauthd protocol request object
kokolores response object