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Changes for version 0.935 - 2017-09-02

  • Upgraded to Mojolicious 7.43.
  • Now trying to use ado.conf and ado.sqlite from $app->ado_home if the files are not found in $app->home.


Developers' manual
Making Ado the ERP solution for the enterprise
Start a personal blog in five minutes.
Various ways to install and deploy Ado
General overview
Ado plugins and how to write an Ado::Plugin
all resources provided by Ado.


a rapid active commotion (framework for web-projects on Mojolicious)
Custom routines for Ado installation
Custom routines for Ado::Plugin::* installation
Ado namespace for Mojo commands!
adduser command
Generator command
Generates an Ado::Plugin
Generates Apache2 .htaccess file
Generates minimal Apache2 Virtual Host configuration file
Generates MVC set of files
Version command
The base class for all controllers!
display markdown documents.
The default controller for the site.
The controller for the end-user documentation
a controller used for testing Ado.
Languages' lexicons and handle namespace
lexicon for Bulgarian
lexicon for German language
lexicon for English
the base schema class.
base class for Ado specific plugins.
Default Ado helpers plugin
Passwordless user authentication for Ado
Internationalization and localization for Ado
Render markdown to HTML
Keep routes separately.
A factory for HTTP Sessions in Ado
manage sessions stored in the database
manage sessions stored in files