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Text::Perlate::Apache - An Apache handler for Text::Perlate.


Add the following to httpd.conf:

        <IfModule mod_perl.c>
                PerlTaintCheck On
                PerlWarn On
                PerlModule Text::Perlate::Apache
                <Files *.pl>
                        SetHandler perl-script
                        PerlHandler Text::Perlate::Apache
                        PerlSendHeader On


This module provides a way of calling perlates directly from Apache. That is, instead of writing a Perl program that calls Text::Perlate to run another file, Apache can call the perlate directly using the filename in the URL. PHP users will find this approach familiar, except that this approach must include the Content-Type header at the top of the file. This passes the $r request object as a parameter called $_params->{r}.


The same options are available as in Text::Perlate. A PerlRequire'd file can specify defaults for these options in $Text::Perlate::defaults.