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Changes for version 0.15

  • Internals
    • removed all non-essential non-core modules younger than 5.005 (i.e. replaced File::Temp back by POSIX tmpnam) [book]
    • implement the correct stderr capture for win9x [amir/book]
  • Games::Golf
    • _parse_config_file parses the .glf file to create GGT objects, fetch the configuration data, etc [jquelin/book]
    • accessors to return configuration data (version, pgas) [book]
    • parsing of tiebreaker section in .glf files [smueller]
    • default tiebreaker/version/name in .glf files [book]
  • Games::Golf::Entry
    • made id() a method, rather than an accessor
    • removed all tiebreaker code from GGE [book]
    • added a version attribute, corresponding to the test version
  • Games::Golf::TestSuite [book]
    • changed new to accept the testsuite code as the only argument
    • add a new loop method that runs aioee on many sets of args
    • accessors to set/getconfiguration data (id, type, version, name)
    • 'type' is used to know if we are testing a script or a sub => compile and makesub are called automatically by check() which abort the testsuite (result 0/1) if it breaks
    • the version string from the .glf file is used by run() to test if theGGE was tested against the current testsuite
  • Tests [book]
    • t/41tcheck.t now tests something
    • t/50gaccess.t (GG new and accessors)
    • t/55golf.t (general use of GG)
    • more tests on Games::Golf interface
  • Web site
    • offers all the previous releases of Games-Golf, as well as an hourly CVS snapshot
  • 0.14a Wed May 15 2002
    • Corrected a slight pod bug that prevented to extract Games::Golf::TestSuite's documentation


a script to test and submit entries to a Perl Golf Course


Utilities to handle Perl Golf courses
Single solution for a golf hole.
An Operating System detector for Games::Golf
A class that can run test suites


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