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Changes for version 0.20 - 2006-08-18

    • Added a will_modify() method to HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter, that lets the proxy know if a filter may modify the content length, thus closing RT ticket #21051 (Chris Dolan)
    • If no filter in the current stack will modify the content length, then the header is not removed
    • closed RT tickets #3184 and #20251 (chunked encoding was enforced while transfering data between a client and server using different versions of HTTP, causing unwanted garbage to appear in the data)
    • removed useless "ERROR: Getting request failed:" messages when there are simply "No more requests from this connection"
    • Removed the HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack class from inside HTTP::Proxy and put it in its own module file
    • renamed HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack::active() as will_modify() for consistency reasons
    • updated t/22http.t and t/23connect.t following Ken Williams' recommandations in RT ticket #19986
    • patched a small inconsistency in HTTP::Proxy::BodyFilter's documentation (and closed RT ticket #20303)
    • fully documented HTTP::Proxy::FilterStack


A pure Perl HTTP proxy
A base class for HTTP messages body filters
A filter that passes on a complete body or nothing
Filter using HTML::Parser
A filter to transmogrify HTML text
A filter that outputs only complete lines
A filter that saves transfered data to a file
A class for creating simple filters
A filter that outputs only complete tags
Generic child process manager engine for HTTP::Proxy
The "older" HTTP::Proxy engine
A basic, non forking HTTP::Proxy engine
A scoreboard-based HTTP::Proxy engine
A class to manage filter stacks
A base class for HTTP message header filters
A class for creating simple filters
An internal filter to respect RFC2616