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Kevin Dawson

Changes for version 0.08

  • tweak the wiki page [582b3a1]
  • tweak the POD for clarity [2b73d2f]
  • remove autodie as WE are not doing any thing directly [d56e610]
  • add test for use in an eval in testing [163576a]
  • add test for use in an eval in testing add a second test for double to complement single qoute [4933099]
  • add filters for the extra testing of t/ files to remove unwanted text 2nd go, still more to do [bed7915]
  • pod pod pod, it's almost fun [5505f08]
  • at last the test is 'not defined' as undef is ignored [73baf27]
  • Update Changes [82b1ba4]
  • Add some running comments [a895b67]
  • Add a catch block [0f6f731]
  • add dzil to roles [eff562f]
  • Add an Output.pm and move all output formats to it start of [7f85598]
  • that's the ruff copy of main body output in [8deb173]
  • that's double quoted the dzil module names done [588addc]
  • spellcheck [dd315f7]
  • Update Changes [16d9516]
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  • midgen - generate the requires and test requires sections for Makefile.PL