Changes for version 1.73 - 2022-12-08

  • Remove very old CVS headers from files
  • Standardize whitespace
  • Remove an unused cache parameter remaining from a previous refactor
  • Update a test to work around a change in numeric values returned on Postgres starting in version 14
  • Fix a doc typo
  • Fix a bind value issue with Limit on Postgres
  • Disable finding count in searches for older versions of MySQL and MariaDB that don't support window functions (OVER)
  • Truncate values before checking for changes to fix a bug where values bigger than a column would be inserted even when they were not changed

Changes for version 1.72_01 - 2022-09-20

  • Simplify count's internal logic to always use the "count_all" key
  • Fix Count method to always returns count in selected page
  • Support search and count in same query
  • Redo search only if ORDER/GROUP BY is really updated
  • Add bind values support for LIMIT clauses


Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple perl objects
Perl extension which is a generic DBI handle
An Informix specific Handle object
An ODBC specific Handle object
An oracle specific Handle object
A Postgres specific Handle object
A SQLite specific Handle object
a Sybase specific Handle object
A mysql specific Handle object
A mysql specific Handle object
Superclass for records loaded by SearchBuilder
Records with caching behavior
Generate table schemas from DBIx::SearchBuilder records
Deal with multiple SearchBuilder result sets as one
Ensure uniqueness of records in a collection
Utility and convenience functions for DBIx::SearchBuilder