Author image Benjamin Trott
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.05

  • BACKWARDS INCOMPABILITY: Removed XML::Atom::Entry::get_links and XML::Atom::Feed::get_links, in favor of new link() method in both classes, which returns a list of XML::Atom::Link objects. Also, add_link() now expects an XML::Atom::Link object instead of a hash reference.
  • BACKWARDS INCOMPABILITY: Renamed XML::Atom::API to XML::Atom::Client.
  • Added XML::Atom::Link, an encapsulation of the <link> tag in a feed or an entry.
  • Added XML::Atom::Server, an implementation of an Atom core server (to be subclassed for implementation-specific methods).
  • Fixed feed auto-discovery to work with all client tests at
  • Added (and documented) XML::Atom::Feed->find_feeds, to return all of the Atom feed URIs on a page given a URI.
  • Fixed issue with PasswordDigest in API (use sha(), not hex(sha()) for generating password digest).
  • Stream parameter to XML::Atom::Entry::new and XML::Atom::Feed::new is now optional; if passed only one parameter, it's assumed to be the Stream parameter.
  • Fixed bug in XML::Atom::Content::as_xml (it didn't work).


Atom feed and API implementation
A client for the Atom API
Atom entry
Atom feed
Author or contributor object
A server for the Atom API
Utility functions


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