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IRC::Bot - Channel Maintenance IRC bot.


  #!/usr/bin/perl -w
  use strict;
  use IRC::Bot;

  # Initialize new object
  my $bot = IRC::Bot->new( Debug    => 0,
                           Nick     => 'MyBot',
                           Server   => '',
                           Password => 'myircpassword',
                           Port     => '6667',
                           Username => 'MyBot',
                           Ircname  => 'MyBot',
                           Admin    => 'admin',
                           Apass    => 'iamgod',
                           Channels => [ '#mychan', '#test' ],
                           LogPath  => '/home/myhome/bot/log/',
                           NSPass   => 'nickservpass'

  # Daemonize process 

  # Run the bot



A complete bot, similar to eggdrop using POE::Component::IRC. Allows access to all channel user management modes. Provides !seen and !quote functions, a complete help system, logging, dcc chat interface, and it runs as a daemon process. IRC::Bot utilizes Cache::FileCache for seen and quote functions, and also for session handling.



new() Initializes the object, takes bunches of parameters to make things work, see SYNOPSIS for usage.


    Debug Tells P::C::I to output the messaging between client/server. Outputs to error.log.

    Nick The nick you want your bot to go by.

    Server The server you want to connect the bot to.

    Password ~Optional~ Sets the password for a password protected server.

    Port Port to connect on server.

    Username Username for display in /whois .

    Ircname Also for /whois display.

    Admin Admin name for bot access.

    Apass Password for admin access.

    Channels List of channels to join, takes as many as you want to fit.

    LogPath ~Optional~ The absolute path of where to open log files. If set to 'null', nothing is logged, and error.log will be put in your $ENV{'HOME'} directory.

    NSPass ~Optional~ Password to send to NickServ for identification on connect.


daemon() Sets process as a daemon.


run() Starts bot up, registers events, and tons of other neat stuff.


Thanks to for education/support/ideas.


Benjamin Smith


POE::Component::IRC Cache::FileCache