Changes for version 0.995

  • Add option to backup as different user
  • Worker can now do backups
  • Fix command handling for commands without arguments (column = NULL)
  • Added Admin Report
  • Added File manager for VNC
  • Added VNC subsystem
  • Added basic tablefilter, added "acronis agent" flag
  • Removed unused vars
  • Also show PBP page number for Perl::Critic
  • Added WebApps, switchable small tools and toys (currently implemented: Snow and Weather)
  • Changed hard tabs to spaces
  • Basic MapMaker function for computerdb
  • Made graphical computer location work (alpha status)
  • Fixed editing computers
  • Use db instead of hardcoded domains
  • Fixed cost unit mask
  • Added is_active flag to globalprodlines mask
  • Modernized user/admin handling of commandqueue
  • Bugfix - return false on unknown user
  • Bugfix deref
  • Added multilanguage support
  • Force "use English" to work properly
  • Adapted perlcritic settings to correspond to my darkpan default
  • Re-instating dynamic loading of modules
  • Disable helloworld test by default. Depending on host configuration, this might block.
  • Automatically require Net::SSLeay
  • Added basic HTTPS support
  • Add support for files in the root directory
  • Add some missing mime types to StaticCache
  • Prevent certain XSS attacks
  • Merge plugin ComputerDB into main framework
  • Merge Maplat::Logging into the main framework
  • Add "loading" graphic
  • Fixed perlcritic (heredoc terminator must be quotet)
  • Fixed bug with undefined EXTRAINC
  • More jquery magic, more forms. Also moved to its rightfull project
  • Update to new jquery-ui 1.8.6
  • Bugfix: Wrong handling of local copy of variable
  • Switched back from YAML::XS to YAML::Syck - YAML::XS seems to have problems with complex reference structures
  • Fixed missing "rollback", added more debug info
  • Fixed lexical variable reuse
  • Added optimized handling from memcachedb to session_settings
  • Fixed POD coverage
  • Bugfix: Return success on set if yamldata hasn't changed
  • Lower the number of updates in memcachedb (only update if value has actually changed). Use YAML encoded data in realmemcache to do the checking.
  • Fixed handling of lifeticks in MemCachePg (now pass-through wrapper to real memcache)
  • Bugfixes for forking mode


The MAPLAT Web Framework
get the build number of the application
remove unused columns from CSV files
client library for memcached (memory cache daemon)
get the current command queue
Load XML config file
serialize data structures for saving them into a database text field
generation and parsing of common date strings
Sync files with a remote (ftp) server
read in whole files from filename
generate logging graphs
print the Maplat logo as ASCII Art
Logger on steroids
print the Maplat mascot as ASCII Art
string padding/trimming helpers
special string handling functions
log to STDOUT and a logfile
helper for multilanguage support
helper for "weather" app
the Maplat WebGUI
log all access to the webgui
Auto-generate jquery dialogs
base module for web modules
filter pages to display correctly in various browsers
command ihandling module
manage a list of Computers
manage a list of cost units
manage a list of operating systems
manage a list of production lines
view debuglog (STDOUT) from workers
view worker DirCleaner status
search mask for documents
edit spreadsheets complete with graphs
edit rich text documents
limited view of the errors table
simple web based filemanager
alternative way of submitting hidden filterTable rows
manage Devices from which to log data
configure Graphs to generate from logged data.
view and edit reports based on configured graphs and devices
this module handles login, user managment and views
date-based logo display
Generate MAPS with draggable items
Module for access to memcached
PostgreSQL-backed memcache module
Simulated Maplat::Web::MemCache
Web module for accessing Oracle databases
redirect web access to other pages
Web module for accessing PostgreSQL databases
prevent GET requests with arguments
provide static files to browser
send mails to Maplat users
save and load session/module specific data
provide some standard fields for default_webdata
provide static files to browser
view the errors table
Template-Toolkit Plugin for multilanguage support
provide template caching and rendering
add theming support to your project
add multilanguage support to your project
save and load user/module specific data
Support for remote maintenance
change some webgui variables online
add small tools and toys to the webinterface
the Maplat Worker
database admin command module
Schedule some tasks automatically
database backup command module
base module for worker modules
database admin command module
Clean stale files from directories
Log from EMC DCF77 Server
Log from PAC3200 electricity meter
Log from USV with Web Interface card
Module for access to memcached
PostgreSQL-backed memcache module
Worker module for accessing Oracle databases
Worker module for accessing PostgreSQL databases
do some admin reports
logging to database and STDOUT
send infos and files via email
Open a new VNC Tunnel (proxy tunnel)
Update weather status information


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