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Changes for version 0.24 - 2024-06-14

  • Updated ppport.h to version 3.72.
  • Fixed potential env buffer overflow in _execve50c().
  • Flush I/O buffers before calling fexecve()/execveat().
  • Support magic function arguments.
  • Support arrayref argument for strptime() (addresses foreign RT#66519).
  • Call readlinkat() for readlink() if available to avoid a branch.
  • Don't write to SvPV(sv)[SvLEN(sv)-1], otherwise Perl >= 5.20 tends to segfault because it abuses this char for COW counting. [facepalm.gif]
  • Adjusted some prototypes: clock_nanosleep($$@), clock_settime($@), futimens($@), nanosleep(@), setitimer($@), timer_settime($$@), utimensat($$;$@).
  • POD updates.


Perl interface to POSIX.1-2008