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Changes for version 0.003

  • Added new tests to t/30.dsml.t. Updated Net::DSML to version 0.003. Updated pod documentation in Net::DSML to reflect changes in software. Added id option to subroutines search,rootDSE,compare,add,modify, modrdn and delete in the Net::DSML file. Added base option to subroutine search in the Net::DSML file. Corrected an execute permission problem on Examples/ModifyEntry file.


A perl module that supplies methods for connecting to a LDAP Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) server.
A perl module that supplies a Net::DSML::Control object that is used with a Net::DSML object.
A perl module that supplies a Net::DSML::Filter object that is used by a Net::DSML object.