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HISTORY - public release history for MLDBM


2.05 (21 Feb 2013, by Alexandr Ciornii)

Require perl 5.5

Test for pod

2.04 (08 Mar 2010, by Alexandr Ciornii)

Compatibility with old EU::MM.

2.03 (27 Feb 2010, by Alexandr Ciornii)

Error in test fixed.

2.02 (19 Feb 2010, by Alexandr Ciornii)

New tests added.

Distribution upgraded

2.01 (07 July 2002)

New testing method MLDBM::_compare($a, $b) used in t/*.t scripts to verify data structures are identical. In perl 5.8.0 RC2, the order of hashes changed, making the prior hard coded test case string comparisons invalid, so created this more flexible method for testing that should work in future releases, without relying on specific hash ordering.

2.00 (10 May 1998)

Added support for multiple serializing interfaces. (courtesy Raphael Manfredi <>)

Split serializer wrappers into multiple files, and regularized the interface some. Underlying TIEHASH object and serializer can now be set at runtime (with care).

Miscellaneous pod tweaks.

1.25 (7 December 1997)

Add RemoveTaint flag.

require 5.004.

require Data::Dumper 2.08.

1.24 (29 October 1997)

Version 1.23 was seriously busted, and had \r's. :-(

1.23 (26 July 1997)

Fixes to avoid 'undefined value' messages.

1.22 (26 August 1996)

Add EXISTS and CLEAR methods.

Add a flag to control which underlying DBM is used.

1.21 (9 April 1996)

Add flag to control which D::D method is used.

1.20 (16 February 1996)

Earliest stable version I can remember.