Digest::Tiger - a module that implements the tiger hash


 use Digest::Tiger;

 # hash() returns a 192 bit hash
 my $hash = Digest::Tiger::hash('Tiger')

 # hexhash() returns a hex representation of the 192 bits...
 # $hexhash should be 'DD00230799F5009FEC6DEBC838BB6A27DF2B9D6F110C7937'
 my $hexhash = Digest::Tiger::hexhash('Tiger')


A perl module that implements the tiger hash, which is believed to be secure and runs quickly on 64-bit processors.


Perl interface by Clinton Wong, reference C code used by Digest::Tiger supplied by Ross Anderson and Eli Biham.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


As of version 0.02, hexhash() returns a hex digest starting with the least significant byte first. For example:

 Hash of "Tiger":
  0             7  8            15 16            23
 DD00230799F5009F EC6DEBC838BB6A27 DF2B9D6F110C7937

 Instead of:
  7             0 15             8 23            16
 9F00F599072300DD 276ABB38C8EB6DEC 37790C116F9D2BDF

The print order issue was brought up by Gordon Mohr; Eli Biham clarifies with: "The testtiger.c was intended to allow easy testing of the code, rather than to define any particular print order. ...using a standard printing method, like the one for MD5 or SHA-1, the DD should probably should be printed first [for the example above]".