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Changes for version 0.52 - 2012-06-01

  • First public release to CPAN
  • Added support for schema caching, in an unappealling way.
  • Fixed several inefficiencies in the method generators, reduced startup time
  • Fixed memory leak in SQL abstraction layer in From clause tree


The Class::ReluctantORM Manual Index
Database Independence
Inspecting SQL Activity
Using SQL in ReluctantORM
The Class::ReluctantORM Tutorial


An ORM emphasizing prefetching
CRO clases with Audit Logging
Class building helper
Represent a multirelational attribute
Database handle base class
Wrap a DBI database handle
Abstract interface for RDBMSs
SQL function rendering library
Parse Support for CRO PG Driver
SQLite driver for CRO
SQL function rendering library
Apply a transformation when reading or writing to a Tablebacked object\'s fields.
Mix-In to TB to provide hooks for filters
Monitor CRO Driver activity
Monitor with Metric support
Ongoing count of queries
Running total of data size
Track size in bytes of each row
Track running time of queries
Add support for Origin tracking to various CRO objects
Store CRO instances uniquely
Use Hash to store Weak refs
Represent links between classes
Represent SQL Statements
Represent a Column in a SQL statement
Base class for SQL expressions
Represent WHERE and JOIN criteria
Represent literals in WHEREs
Represent SQL FROM clauses
Represent a JOIN in a SQL statement
Base class for SQL relations
Represent a SQL function, aggregator, stored proc, or operator
Represent an ORDER BY clause in a SQL statement
Represent an Output Column from a SQL statment
Represent a placeholder in a SQL statement
Represent a sub-SELECT in a FROM or WHERE clause
Represent a Table in a SQL statement
Represent SQL WHERE clauses
ORM base class for type tables
ORM base class for behavior inheritance
Utility subroutines


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in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/Relationship/
in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/Relationship/
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in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/Relationship/
in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/FetchDeep/
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in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/SQL/
in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/
in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/SchemaCache/
in lib/Class/ReluctantORM/SchemaCache/
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