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Neil Bowers
cpan-heavyweights - display top N releasers to CPAN, optionally for a specific year
cpan-release-counts - display graph of CPAN releases by year for single user or all users
CPAN::ReleaseHistory - information about all files ever released to CPAN
CPAN::ReleaseHistory::Release in lib/CPAN/ReleaseHistory/Release.pm
CPAN::ReleaseHistory::ReleaseIterator in lib/CPAN/ReleaseHistory/ReleaseIterator.pm
Changes for version 0.10
    • Switched to using the index file on the CPAN Testers BackPAN; this is generated hourly, and is already in the format we work with, which has greatly simplified this module. Thanks to BARBIE for his help in getting this in place.
    • Added a live test in xt/

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