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Version: 0.20 December 2008


Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport - The BluePay 2.0 Daily Report interface


Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport is a Perl based implementation for interaction with the Bluepay 2.0 Daily Report interface. The Bluepay 2.0 Daily Report interface is intended to be polled by a merchant on a daily basis, to get updates on VOID/DECLINED/SETTLED status for transactions on the day prior. Bluepay20DailyReport interface has been developed on Windows XP, but should work on any OS where Perl is installed.

RUNNING Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport

        use Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport;

        # Create the object
        my $bp20Obj = Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport->new();

        # Populate fields for tx
        $bp20Obj->{ACCOUNT_ID} = "myaccountid";
        $bp20Obj->{SECRET_KEY} = 'mysecretkey';
        $bp20Obj->{REPORT_START_DATE} = "2008-05-01";   # These are the dates within which transactions will be reported.
        $bp20Obj->{REPORT_END_DATE} = "2008-05-02";
        $bp20Obj->{PAYMENT_TYPE} = 'ACH';       # ACH or CREDIT

        # Post data to retrieve tx results
        my $postResults = $bp20Obj->post();

        # If result is array, SUCCESS
        if(ref($postResults) eq 'ARRAY') {
                foreach my $result (@$postResults) {
                        print "Tx Info: " . $result->{id} . "\n";
                        while ( my ($key, $value) = each(%$result) ) {
                            print "$key => $value\n";
                        print "\n";
        # ELSE, print error
        else { print "$postResults\n"; }        



Creates a new instance of a Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport object


Posts the data to the Bluepay::Bluepay20post interface


This script has some dependencies that need to be installed before it can run. You can use cpan to install the modules. They are: - Digest::MD5 - LWP::UserAgent - Crypt::SSLeay - URI::Escape - Text::CSV


The Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport perl module was written by Christopher Kois <>.


        The Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport package is Copyright (c) April, 2008 by BluePay, Inc. All rights reserved.  You may distribute this module under the terms 
        of GNU General Public License (GPL). 

Module Copyrights: - The Digest::MD5 module is Copyright (c) 1998-2003 Gisle Aas. Available at: - The LWP::UserAgent module is Copyright (c) 1995-2008 Gisle Aas. Available at: - The Crypt::SSLeay module is Copyright (c) 2006-2007 David Landgren. Available at: - The URI::Escape module is Copyright (c) 1995-2004 Gisle Aas. Available at: - The Text::CSV module is Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Makamaka Hannyaharamitu. Available at:

NOTE: Each of these modules may have other dependencies. The modules listed here are the modules that Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport specifically references.


Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport is free Open Source software. This code is Free. You may use it, modify it, redistribute it, post it on the bathroom wall, or whatever. If you do make modifications that are useful, Bluepay would love it if you donated them back to us!


This is version 0.20 of Bluepay::Bluepay20DailyReport. There are currently no known bugs.