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Module::Build::JSAN - Build JavaScript modules for JSAN


  use Module::Build::JSAN;

  my $build = Module::Build::JSAN->new(
      module_name    => 'Foo-Bar',
      license        => 'perl',
      dist_author    => 'Joe Developer <>',
      dist_abstract  => 'Say something pithy here',
      dist_version   => '0.02',
      keywords       => [qw(Foo Bar pithyness)],
      build_requires => {
          'Test.Simple' => 0.20,
      requires     => {
          'JSAN'     => 0.10,
          'Baz-Quux' => 0.02,



This is a developer aid for creating JSAN distributions. Please use the example given in the SYNOPSIS to create distributions.

This works nearly identically to Module::Build, so please refer to its documentation.


1 META.json

JSAN uses the JSON format instead of the YAML format, as it's legal Javascript and just plain easier to work with. This means that Module::Build::JSAN will generate META.json files instead of META.yml files. Do not be alarmed.

2 ./Build deps

This is a new action added in Module::Build::JSAN. You run this in order to install your dependencies when testing while developing. This will allow you to develop against the latest versions of the distributions you are building upon.


Please send bug reports to <>.


David Wheeler <> Casey West <> Rob Kinyon <>


Copyright 2005 by David Wheeler, Casey West, Rob Kinyon

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.